Top 10 Images of 2018

Creating this post at the end of December reminds me that another year is wrapping up and another year is on the horizon. It’s fun to sit down and round up all the stats of what I did for the year, helps make me feel like I have been productive! 😉

  • Photos taken: 13,219
  • Photos processed: 632 (clients and fine art images)
  • New abandoned locations visited: 95
  • Fairs attended: 14
  • Workshops/events hosted: 18

The images below are a mixture of images captured in Detroit with my Mavic 2 drone, as well as images captured on trips taken during the year. Thanks to all of you who liked, shared and supported my photography throughout this year. I consider myself so fortunate I am able to run a photography business and share what I enjoy doing. And I couldn’t do it without those who appreciate my work…so THANKS!!

In no certain order, here are my Top 10 images for 2018.

  1. Detroit Skyline – Diverging Lines (9/17/18). Captured one evening while shooting the city with my Mavic 2 drone.

2. Trumball Street Underpass Light Ray ((5/24/18). I was with my Schoolcraft photography class during one of our Detroit outings when I saw the light ray. I always keep my eyes out for a light ray!

3. New York Abandoned Theatre (5/4/18). Theatres from the turn of the century are some of the most beautifully ornate buildings and I am always excited when we get a chance to see one.

4. Detroit Skyline at Blue Hour (10/29/18). Captured with the Mavic 2 Drone, this is a 21-image 180-degree panorama.

5. Abandoned Home, New York (5/7/18). This library was a fun find, I wish I had a library like this in my home!

6. Cullen Carousel Lit at Night (8/22/18). The carousel on the riverwalk is now fully lit thanks to a phone call I made to the Riverfront Conservancy this summer. They didn’t realize some bulbs were burned out and now they have been replaced, so now we can enjoy the carousel in all its glory.

7. Chicago Skyline from London House (10/12/18). During Chicago’s Open House weekend, we spent a lot of time shooting the city at night. Chicago is so fun to capture after sunset, and this evening was had some great long exposure clouds!

8. St. Margaret Mary Church Priest Office (5/31/18). With Detroit well on its way to its comeback, its challenging to find abandoned buildings these days. This scene was a pleasant surprise, as I had been to this church many times over the years, but this composition appealed to me.

9. Detroit Skyline Along Woodward Ave. (10/29/18). I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Mavic 2 drone and this is one more scene I wanted to capture, with Dan’s new building breaking ground this view will soon be no more.

10. Chicago Abandoned Church with Light Ray (3/10/18). This scene would not have been as strong if it wasn’t for the sun shining through the window. The light and shadow play is my favorite part of the image.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Images of 2018

  1. Karen says:

    I love your work. Your photos make “sense” to me…I feel anguish when I read the word ‘abandoned,’ all that beauty left to rot.

  2. Kenneth Atnip says:

    Didn’t you also “air” on radio/TV during one of the summer vendor events.
    Your work is amazing.
    Kathy & Ken

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