Alanna’s Top 10 Images of 2017 – Cityscapes

Well, here it is, the end of another year, a time to take stock in what we accomplished during the year, and looking ahead to what is to come. But now, it’s time to look at my picks for my Top 10 Images of 2017. Images are chosen based on their uniqueness of the location or just because it resonated with me a little more than the rest of the images.

I decided to make two Top 10 Lists. Why,  you ask? Because I realized I captured so many images of not only cityscapes and architecture (places such as Detroit, NYC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cleveland), but visited over 80 abandoned locations in 12 states (Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee). Sounds like a lot even to me now that I actually type it out! Below are some other stats of what I did this year:

Art Fairs: 13 (and 2 holiday fairs)

Local Workshops: 7

Detroit Events: 11

Photo Trips Hosted: 1

This has also been a year of firsts, such as my first year offering my events and workshops through Creative Vision Photography Workshops and teaching at Schoolcraft College (a 6-week course titled The Photography of Metro Detroit, which I will also be offering in Spring 2018). I am looking forward to what 2018 will have in store both professionally and personally.

If you haven’t visited my website lately, you should! It has been updated with new gallery images and new information for customers to help guide you in choosing images for your spaces. Businesses, there is new info for you too!

This is another opportunity for me to thank all of you who have purchased my images, who like my images on social media, who leave wonderful, supportive comments, and who even read this blog post, thank you for being there. It is so appreciated.

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Cityscapes (in no particular order). I will post the Top 10 Abandonment tomorrow!

Top 10 Cityscapes

  1. New York City Panorama from Top of the Rock. With it being my first time to NYC in October, it will be no surprise that some images from my trip would make it to the Top 10. We weren’t allowed tripods, but we saw a gentleman using a monopod, where he tied it to the fence in front of him to capture the sunset. The crowds were so thick we didn’t think it would be an issue, so glad we did because the wind was really strong and there is no way I could have captured this panorama without the monopod (which we also tied to the fence!).


2. Third Street Underpass with Train. Several underpasses in Detroit have been made over with different artist projects. This particular project is called β€œLight Bender” by New D Media Arts of Detroit (you can read about it in a Detroit News article).

Detroit Underpass Lights Locomotive


3. Downtown Pittsburgh Panorama After Storm. I have to say, I love downtown Pittsburgh: the buildings, the bridges, the rivers. It is so photogenic, there are so many vantage points to capture the city. This location, at the Washington St. Overlook, is a favorite.


4. Chicago S Curve. There is this cool S curve in Chicago’s L tracks where you can capture the lights on the train with a long exposure. There is a parking garage where we took this image from, each level gave a little bit of a different vantage point. The challenge for this image was to capture the train just as it was entering the composition on each end, and also have it travel completely through the frame going in both directions to get these lights. It took several tries but I think I got it!


5. Architectural Shoot of Bloomfield Hills MI Home. This Bloomfield Hills home is designed by Kevin Akey of AZD Associates, an award-winning architect in Detroit and Florida. I was hired to shoot the space, which I really enjoy doing. Most people might not even know I shoot architecture, but I do! My portfolio shows this home and other shoots I’ve completed.


6. NYC DUMBO at Blue Hour.  We arrived in NYC on my birthday, and the sky this evening could not have been more spectacular. If I lived in the area I am sure I would photograph this spot many times.

NYC from DUMBO After Sunset


7. Detroit Skyline with Penobscot and Guardian Captured from One Detroit. During one of my art fairs, I met a gentleman who works on the 24th floor of the One Detroit building, who has been kind enough to give me access to the office to photograph the city (I did trade him a print for his trouble). The views from up there are superb and I am glad he allows me access every once in awhile. This evening we even had an above average sunset!

Detroit Skyline Sunset from One Detroit


8. Detroit Skyline with Smooth Water from Windsor.  This was one of those fortuitous evenings where we visited Windsor to shoot the skyline. As soon as we arrived, I saw the water was like glass and knew it was going to be a great opportunity to get some amazing reflections. We stayed and shot until it got completely dark. Who knows when we will catch it like this again? Next time it would be even better to have an amazing sunset along with it! I can dream.

Detroit Skyline Panorama Smooth River 20x60


9. Downtown Pittsburgh July 4th Fireworks. This was the first time I have ever captured the Pittsburgh fireworks, and they were superb! These were captured from the West End overlook. We weren’t sure what the situation would be to get a good spot, so we arrived five hours early to make sure we had a good vantage point! We placed our tripods along the fence and sat in the park and enjoyed a picnic while waiting for the show to start.

Pittsburgh 2017 Fireworks 4


10. Boblo Ste. Claire Boat on the Detroit River. I had been meaning to shoot the boat since it moved to its new home on the Detroit River. It was good I waited because this particular night the sunset was a spectacular one.

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