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Detroit’s Historical Mansions: Hecker-Smiley’s Architecture is Breath-Taking

It’s been almost two years I’ve been attempting to visit the Tierney Alumni House in Detroit (which used to be the Hecker-Smiley Mansion, named after two past owners of the mansion). The goal has been to get permission to put together a tour for photographers, but the alumni department has yet to create a program, even though it is […]

Best Images of 2013

Jim Goldstein of JMG Galleries is holding his Best Photos of the Year blog project for the seventh year in a row. ย This is the first time I have heard of this project and was excited to take part. ย Anyone can submit their own blog post, so if you have a blog and want to […]

Detroit Building Tour

Last month Jesse and I were given an opportunity to visit and shoot some of Detroit’s well-known architectural gems. Thanks to meeting Michelle of Quicken Loans at Art-is-in Market at Twelve Oaks, she had arranged permission and access to several buildings owned by Quicken Loans in the downtown Detroit area. We were given a tour […]

Michigan Train Station

Back in April, through Motor City Photography Workshops, I was able to get inside and shoot the Michigan Train Station. And this time, we had permission from the owner of the building for our photography group to take a tour through the first floor of the building (I am part-owner of MCPW if you didn’t […]

Packard Plant Outing – Detroit, MI

A small group of photogs from a local photography group set off early on a Sunday (April 3) morning what was to be my latest adventure in urbexing: heading down to the Packard Plant, a common urbexing destination for many a photographer. This was my first trip to the building. I couldn’t believe how big […]