Detroit’s Historical Mansions: Hecker-Smiley’s Architecture is Breath-Taking

It’s been almost two years I’ve been attempting to visit the Tierney Alumni House in Detroit (which used to be the Hecker-Smiley Mansion, named after two past owners of the mansion). The

Detroit at Night – People Mover Edition

Recently I hosted a Scott Kelby Photo Walk with 30 photographers walking the streets of Detroit at night, and it was a lot of fun! There is something about a

Saying Good-bye to the SS Columbia Boblo Boat

Many people who grew up in the Detroit area might remember a family trip to Boblo Island. And to get there, one rode either the SS Columbia or SS Ste.

Detroit Skyline – Smooth as Silk

Last Sunday I drove to Belle Isle to capture the sunset, and what I saw there surprised me.  While I have captured the Detroit skyline many times from several vantage

The Last Vestige of Winter

No one will argue with me when I say this has been a long, harrowing winter.  Even those who love winter will admit they have had enough.  This winter I