Stepping Stone Falls + Glenwood Cemetery in Flint

I have to be honest, I have never photographed Flint. Being so close to Detroit, it seems so much of my focus has been more downtown. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Stepping Stone Falls, located north of Flint, is part of the Genessee County Park system, and also has hiking trails and picnic areas.

My friend Bryan Levy had been to the falls once before, and when I saw his photo I knew it was something unique to shoot, and only an hours drive away. So we headed up with our friend Scott Shields and spent a couple of hours shooting the falls. I of course also brought my drone. Here are some drone views I captured, along with a few panoramas. 

These are images I captured with my camera, and used my neutral density filter to get long exposures (where the water looks smoothed out). Some I focused on the details, and converted to black and white to allow the water and rocks to stand out.

After the falls, our next shooting location was Glenwood Cemetery, a historical cemetery and arboretum founded in 1857 and resides west of Flint. One family (Northrup) had this great vintage fence surrounding their gravestones (with a nice, creepy spiderweb to add to the scene!). 

I have never tried my hand at IR, or infrared photography. This is not true IR, but a Photoshop filter added to the image to give it it’s unique color scheme. It’s so much fun…I may have to spend more time with it!

2 thoughts on “Stepping Stone Falls + Glenwood Cemetery in Flint

  1. Kathy Winkler says:

    Amazing! i have never heard of those falls until you and Bryan posted these images. Looks to be an interesting place to capture. thanks for posting.

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