See Inside the DIA Film Theatre

Some people may not even be aware there is an active film theatre inside the Detroit Institute of Arts. But there is! It’s called the DIA Film Theatre (go see a film here if you haven’t!). And it is beautiful. I cannot believe I have never photographed this space before. I love I still have new things to photograph in Detroit! I brought with me my new 12mm Voigtlander prime lens for my Sony A7III camera. Most of these images were captured with it.

But there is not only the film theatre, but a cafe named the Crystal Gallery Cafe where you can purchase refreshments on the second floor. The space is spacious and the details are astounding.


Even the hallway is a joy to walk through (that water fountain!!)…


The film theatre may not be as grand as the Fox Theatre or the Opera House, but it definitely should be considered one of Detroit’s theatres to visit. This was taken from the balcony looking over the main floor.


I enjoyed capturing some of the details, such as the exit sign.

View from the corner of the theatre on the main floor.

Lastly, we visited the stage looking out into the theatre seating.

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