Pere Marquette 1225 Steam Locomotive 2018 Faves

For those of you who are not in the know, here in Michigan we have a real-live steam locomotive that runs during the holiday season. Owned and operated by the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, MI, it is that steam locomotive, you know, the one featured in the The Polar Express movie.

This is my third year photographing the steam engine, and every year I try to find another scene or way to photograph it, one that is better than an image I captured before.

I highly recommend either riding or photographing this train, it is a piece of history that has been lovingly restored and brings happiness to both children and adults alike.

For 2018, we had quite a few different weather anomalies, such as a full rainbow (!), fog, and the absence of snow. The funnest part, however, is hanging out with my photography friends as we race down country roads to get to the next shooting location. Below are my favorite images captured during the 2018 season (in no certain order), one image of a found scene at the side of the road with a bit of Photoshopping sprinkled in. I am also including a short video I took with my phone (just watch it!).

Full Rainbow Over the Pere Marquette 1225
Pere Marquette Railroad Crossing Sign
Pere Marquette Emerging from the Fog
Chugging Right Along
Tree About to Be Engulfed in Steam
Blowing Off Steam
Magenta Skies Overlooking the Pere Marquette
Pere Marquette Speeding into the Sunset
Abandoned Amusement Park Found Near Owosso
Whistle and Steam

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