Getting Ready for Art Fair Season to Kick Off This Weekend

Yes it’s true, my busy season is from May-September, but that doesn’t mean I am not behind the scenes always getting ready for art fair season. This year, I have made several improvements, which I hope some of you can appreciate. Below is a list of projects I have been busy working on during the cold, blustery winter months.

  1. Update website/create mockups – I have added new content to my website to better outline the services I offer. One service I wanted people to know about is my free mockups. If you can give me an image of the room you would like to hang your image, I can create a mockup with the image and the size based on info you give me so you can see it before you buy it. I always recommend to measure before committing to a particular size.
  2. Build new art fair bins – A friend of a friend hand-built bins to hold my prints and it will make storage and setup much easier for me.
  3. Create an inventory system – It may be hard to believe, but I didn’t have any sort of system to keep track of prints. Now, I have reports to tell me what I need to order.
  4. Purchased a home printer – Now I can print my own prints for fairs (up to 16×24). I am looking forward to having more control over the printing process and papers.
  5. Created postcards vs business cards – At my booth I will be handing out postcards instead of business cards. I like the readability of a postcard, it looks nicer too.

That doesn’t mean it’s been all work and no play, though! I have also been traveling and photographing. Since the beginning of the year, I have traveled to Oklahoma, Kansas, St Louis, Old Car City in Atlanta Georgia, Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham Alabama. I just returned yesterday from a 6-day trip to the east coast to photograph abandoned buildings (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey).

This year, Art Birmingham will be my first fair and it looks like Michigan is warming up and it should be nice weather for this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend. I will be in Booth 041. Come by and say hello and see my new images for 2018.



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