Detroit at Night – People Mover Edition


Recently I hosted a Scott Kelby Photo Walk with 30 photographers walking the streets of Detroit at night, and it was a lot of fun! There is something about a city at night that is so magical, with the lights of many colors and inky sky as a backdrop. The photo walk has inspired me to travel downtown at night to capture its beauty.

The People Mover is the closest thing Detroit has to public transportation in the downtown area (that will change once the new M-1 Light Rail project is completed). We didn’t initially plan on riding the Mover, but it had become a theme of the night.

On Wednesday, October 17 I traveled downtown with fellow photographer Fritz DeAnna Kammerer to capture Greektown at night, and whatever else captured our interest. We started in Greektown (who can pass up the free parking in the casino parking garage?) where the streets were bustling with people – as soon as I saw the Red Wing jerseys, I knew it must be a home game night. We walked down Monroe St. and captured a few street images.


As we reached the corner of Monroe and Beaubien we happened upon the People Mover station. Fritz mentioned he has never been on the People Mover. Wait, what? Never been on the People Mover?? “Well, we will have to remedy that!”, I replied. As we arrived on the People Mover platform, we found it filled with Red Wings fans on the way to the game. We set up our tripods to capture the People Mover as it entered the station (but of course be careful to stay behind the yellow platform!). A security officer approached us and asked if we were “pro” photographers and we said no (always say no!). He said he typically doesn’t allow people to take photos on the platform, permission is needed first, blah blah, but he let us anyway. And not only that, but he gave us some tips of where to go to get some great shots of the city! Thanks Mr. Security Guy!


We entered the People Mover train car and the first thing Fritz asks is, “Can we take photos from the train car”? I told him yes and to put his lens up to the window of the small door at the front of the train for some cool perspective shots. He captured some stunning images, and then I stepped in to take a few myself. We had so much fun with it we vowed to do this again to get more practice and better images.

We exited the People Mover and decided to get some images from atop a parking garage. Below are some images we captured.

By this time we were getting hungry and decided to head back to Greektown for some food. This was the last image of the night that I spotted as we were waiting for the People Mover to take us back. All in all is was a great night and look forward to future adventures!

Millender Station



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    • Alanna St. Laurent
      Alanna St. Laurent says:

      Hi Melanie, thanks for your feedback, I see you are fan of the People Mover too 🙂 We weren’t sure how the pics would turn out shooting from the moving train but a few did turn out (which I shared) but more practice is called for!

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