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Top 10 Images of 2019

It became apparent just the other day that we are wrapping up not only another year, but another decade. In a couple of days it will be 2020, holding the promise of the next decade of our lives. It is exciting to think about what the possibilities are! For me, I hope to hit the […]

New York City Photo Trip 2019

As a consummate lover of city photography, there is no better city in the US of A to capture than New York City. It has been two years since I had visited, and I was looking forward to seeing many new locations. This trip to NYC included four other photography friends who were also just as […]

Metamora Hot Air Balloon Festival

I am not kidding when I say it’s been YEARS I’ve been wanting to photograph the hot air balloons. Its not like there is a shortage of hot air balloon festivals in Michigan. But there were two criteria that had to happen for it to work: One, it had to be on a weekend with […]

Cincinnati, In Spite of the Storm

Downtown Cincinnati Light Trails Long Exposure

This past Thursday I visited Cincinnati, on my way to a retreat weekend in Kentucky (non-photography related). I knew before I arrived there were storms predicted. I was hoping some of my good weather karma would kick in and they would blow over (no such luck, as you will read in a moment). The purpose […]

2017 Firework Displays in Detroit and Pittsburgh

LIKE THESE FIREWORKS IMAGES? FIND DETROIT IMAGES HERE AND PITTSBURGH IMAGES HERE. We have reached that time of year again, the dog days of summer and that inevitable halfway point between summer and fall. This year, I captured fireworks displays in both downtown Detroit and Pittsburgh, PA. Every year I like to find another vantage […]

The Splendor of the Lansing Capitol Building

LIKE THESE IMAGES? THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN MY GALLERY. I have lived in Michigan my whole life (except for one year I lived in Virginia, but that is another story) and have never visited our state’s capitol building. Given my love for architecture it seems especially absurd I have neglected to visit and […]