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Top 25 of 2016

I know, I know, most photographers do a Top 10 list of their year’s best images. But I have to admit, with all the travel I did this year, it was really hard to narrow my list down to just 10. Seriously. Plus, it’s like picking which children of yours are your favorites. They all […]

Eastown Theatre Latest Demolished Detroit Building

YOU CAN FIND SOME OF THESE IMAGES IN MY ABANDONED DETROIT GALLERY. My first visit to the Eastown Theatre harkens back in 2011, while the building was already long abandoned (you can read all about its history at It had even seen a fire on one side of the building years ago, yet it still […]

A View Inside The Park Avenue Hotel

Last Saturday, the Park Avenue Hotel was imploded, which sat next to the Hotel Eddystone in downtown Detroit. There were a lot of really cool videos and images captured of the implosion, many which you can find on the internet and Facebook. What I want to do in this post, however, is to highlight the […]

Website is Back and Mansfield Reformatory Was Awesome

Firstly – my website is back! Secondly – this is no longer what I am calling a “blog” but now aptly named “Photo Stories”. I have to give credit to OnOne’s Matt Kloskowski’s website for the inspiration to make the change. It just sounds so much better than “bloooooog”. I have been updating my website since the […]

Light Painting in Abandoned Buildings

This past winter in Michigan was one of the coldest in a decade. I typically would continue to explore abandoned buildings, no matter what the weather.  But with many days below freezing, I opted to stay inside and find something else fun to do instead! One of the new things I have been experimenting with is light painting. I […]

Last Images of 2013

Happy New Year to all! The year is being rounded out by an exploration trip to visit The Whittier Building in Detroit this morning. Β And yes, it was bitterly cold out and did not get a chance to explore as much as we would have if it wasn’t. I have scoped out this building several […]