2017 Firework Displays in Detroit and Pittsburgh

We have reached that time of year again, the dog days of summer and that inevitable halfway point between summer and fall. This year, I captured fireworks displays in both

Detroit’s Historical Mansions: Hecker-Smiley’s Architecture is Breath-Taking

It’s been almost two years I’ve been attempting to visit the Tierney Alumni House in Detroit (which used to be the Hecker-Smiley Mansion, named after two past owners of the mansion). The

Detroit from Windsor: Smooth River Edition

It doesn’t happen on a regular basis, but every once in awhile I am fortunate to make the decision to shoot the Detroit skyline on an evening where the river

Detroit Shrouded in Fog

The subject of fog has become a laughable subject for me, because every time I saw other photographer’s post their Detroit images with fog, I was out of town! Me

Top 25 of 2016

I know, I know, most photographers do a Top 10 list of their year’s best images. But I have to admit, with all the travel I did this year, it