Detroit’s Historical Mansions: Hecker-Smiley’s Architecture is Breath-Taking

It’s been almost two years I’ve been attempting to visit the Tierney Alumni House in Detroit (which used to be the Hecker-Smiley Mansion, named after two past owners of the mansion). The

Detroit from Windsor: Smooth River Edition

It doesn’t happen on a regular basis, but every once in awhile I am fortunate to make the decision to shoot the Detroit skyline on an evening where the river

Detroit Shrouded in Fog

The subject of fog has become a laughable subject for me, because every time I saw other photographer’s post their Detroit images with fog, I was out of town! Me

Top 25 of 2016

I know, I know, most photographers do a Top 10 list of their year’s best images. But I have to admit, with all the travel I did this year, it

The Splendor of the Lansing Capitol Building

I have lived in Michigan my whole life (except for one year I lived in Virginia, but that is another story) and have never visited our state’s capitol building. Given