Abstract Things at the Fisher Body Plant in Detroit

Last Friday we went exploring once again to the Fisher Body Plant on one of our Advanced Urban Outings. I have been to the Fisher Body Plant probably eight times at least. It is one of my favorite places to shoot, but after exploring so many times it can be a challenge to shoot something new. And that is what I did this day – I used my Canon 100mm macro lens to shoot some abstract images. I tend to rely heavily on my Canon 10-22mm ultra wide angle, and while I love it, it is a nice change to do something a bit different. I like to flex my creative muscles when I can 🙂

Instead of heading towards the usual places I shoot inside the building, I explored areas I had never been to before. Who knew there were areas I hadn’t seen? I walked around shooting some of the exhaust pipes (at least that is what I am calling them, not sure what they actually are) and the interesting shapes they were making.

I have been playing with the idea of creating a composition workshop. I love composition and trying to find a texture, shape, play of light, whatever it may be that will make an interesting subject. You will see what I mean in my images below.








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