HELLO, MY NAME IS ALANNA Fine Art and Architectural Photographer

Hello and thanks for visiting my photography website! I am a self-taught photographer who first delved into the medium back in 2007. In 2011 I left my full-time job as an academic advisor to pursue photography full-time. My work focuses on cityscapes, architecture, abandoned spaces, panoramas and night photography.

In 2018 so far I have ventured to Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri in search of abandonment never seen, in April I visited Old Car City outside of Atlanta and Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. Then off to the eastern US in May and August for more abandonment adventures.

Other pursuits I enjoy besides photography: cooking, spending time with my sister Dana and friends, reading, drinking tea, Halloween, and our cats Jinx and Zuko.

People have asked me why I photograph abandoned buildings — at first, I tell them I appreciate beautiful architectural details and the history. As I walk around these forgotten spaces, I feel the stillness that once was filled with people and activity. One other reason photographing abandoned buildings appealed to me was to live out my childhood interest in becoming an archeologist, one who digs around in old places searching for what once was. 

My aspiration in photographing Detroit, not only its abandonment but also its historical buildings, is because the past calls to me, to capture these old, historically beautiful buildings that will never be built again. My eye naturally searches for the beauty that still exists in these buildings and this is what I most strongly attempt to convey in my work: the details, light, textures and colors of these spaces.

It isn’t only abandonment I enjoy capturing, I love all aspects of the city, but it’s most magical as the sun disappears: blue hour and night photography brings a drama and energy unlike the daytime. 

Images by Shannon Ferguson Photography



Fine art images are available for purchase in my website galleries and at art fairs (see art fair schedule for upcoming fairs).  Need assistance choosing images? I can help! Businesses, I can help you too. Images can be printed on both metal and canvas framing.


You can hire me to take images of Detroit or the surrounding areas for your project. I also photograph interior and exterior residential and commercial spaces. Or perhaps you have a project you need images for? I also provide digital images for websites, marketing materials, etc. Take a look at my portfolioContact me to discuss your project needs.


I’ve partnered with Creative Vision Photography Workshops to bring Detroit-oriented events/workshops to photographers in the Southeastern Detroit area. I offer workshops such as: Night Photography, City/Architecture, How to Sell Your Images at Art Fairs and Artist Markets, Post-Processing Workflow and Light Painting. You can become a free member to register on our site, but we also offer Premium Membership as well! Visit our website to view the Event Calendar!



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What People Say?

Thanks so much, Alanna!  It was wonderful to see you again….great job on the workshop!  I’m hoping to take that next step with my photography! I may reach out to you with questions along the way!  Keep up the great work!

Adam B.

What People Say?

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge about selling images (at art fairs). I was looking for this type of class. I usually check Creativelive.com, but I haven’t seen anything till now specifically dealing with selling your images professionally. Your presentation was very informative and to the point. You hit on all my questions that I had about starting out.

Eric T.

What People Say?

Our two 24×36 canvas prints look great and we are thrilled! Thanks so much.

Jodi E.

What People Say?

I just received the two metal prints I ordered from you at the Art on the Grand art fair and I’m thrilled!! They exceeded my expectations!

Peggy C.

What People Say?

We discovered Alanna’s photography a few years ago at the Wyandotte Street Fair. We decided to purchase a beautiful photo of the Packard plant for our mantle with the full intention of eventually purchasing more. We recently did a small renovation in our kitchen and we knew we wanted a conversation starter for our wall. We decided to browse the website and discovered a print we both loved. It was easy to contact Alanna through the website and she was very helpful when it came to answering several questions I had about the metal prints. Once we placed the order it arrived very quickly and it fits our space perfectly. I’m extremely happy with our purchase and everyone who comes over comments on it! 
Pamela W.

What People Say?

I could not be happier with the final product and experience. Alanna’s stunning images of Detroit and abroad are only only matched by the personal attention, patience, and care she shows her customers. If you are on the fence or looking for that piece of home to hang in your own, I encourage you to take the jump with Alanna. What you see is what you get and more, you will not be disappointed.

Jonathon O., Client

What People Say?

You capture the spirit of the artwork and the dynamic of the city skyline.  And the photo itself was so carefully packed — it was delivered in mint condition.  I’ll be hanging it soon, and showing it to other Labor History Society members.

David E.

What People Say?

Even though our purchase was small, you made us feel welcome and important. Since then I have joined your site and enjoyed your vision. I (also) feel like you capture an important part of the cultural identity of the city. In some ways you cast a light on parts of my subconscious that have always felt connected to Detroit. Take care and thanks again!   

Paul R., Client

What People Say?

WOW!  Alanna is amazing. I am blown away by her work. Her compositions, her colors, her textures, all brilliant! She cannot only capture depth, but then pulls us into the middle of that space she’s just created.  I’m a fan!
Troy C., Children's Book Illustrator

What People Say?

Alanna, I thought you would like to know she liked the print so much she cried and told us a story about when she grew up and her aunt would take her to the (Belle Isle Scott) fountain and her sister would make her stay and stare at the changing colors. Thank you very much!

Amanda M., Client