A View Inside The Park Avenue Hotel

Last Saturday, the Park Avenue Hotel was imploded, which sat next to the Hotel Eddystone in downtown Detroit. There were a lot of really cool videos and images captured of the implosion, many which you can find on the internet and Facebook. What I want to do in this post, however, is to highlight the Park Avenue Hotel from the inside before its demise.

Many fought to save the historical building, but in the end, the Illich camp decided it was more important to have a loading dock than to keep the building. I guess we should be thankful they are sparing the Hotel Eddystone to be renovated into living space. But I still feel sadness whenever we lose any of our historical buildings, no matter what it looks like or its original purpose. We lose part of our history and heritage.

One of my urban exploring friends had given me the heads up the Park Avenue Hotel was open a couple of months ago, a small opening at the base of building perhaps three feet wide. He mentioned we should go since the building will most likely not stay open for very long. He mentioned that in case we were shut in while we were inside, that he has someone who can come and get us out. I was like, what? That was new for me – a chance to be locked into a building! But thankfully that did not happen but gave me pause to be sure.

We grabbed our camera gear and headed to the building late in the afternoon, since we also wanted to get some night shots from the roof. We started on the main floor which was completely wrapped in darkness, so not much to see. We took out our flashlights and found the stairs to take us to the upper floors.

We explored every floor (of which there was 13) to see what was still left inside. Some furniture, a cross (I know, random!) and of course wonderfully peeling paint and wall color. Below are images of these things and some views from the roof.

For a detailed history of the building, please visit HistoricDetroit.org.

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