2018 My First Year at ArtPrize

Thanks to the encouragement and wisdom of Michele Detering, a talented photographer and painter, I decided to apply to the 2018 ArtPrize event, going on its 10th year in downtown Grand Rapids. If you are not sure what ArtPrize is, it is only one of the largest art festivals in the world with over 160 venues that awards half a million in prize money each year. The dates for ArtPrize for 2018 starts on September 19 and ends October 7. You can find all the information you need to get to and get around the event at artprize.org.

It was a challenge to choose images for my submission because there were so many themes I could focus on, and after some deliberation, I decided on a theme of reflections. I really love finding reflections in water, puddles or building windows, and after looking through my images, I decided it would an interesting theme to go with so I submitted five images. All images are framed on metal for my series (ended up with going with three in the end). 

I plan to be at Studio D2D on Saturday, October 6 so if any of you plan to be there on that date please consider stopping by and saying hi, otherwise, it can be seen in person any time during the event. Be sure to go downstairs that is where my images are!

Click here to view my official art page on the ArtPrize website.

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