(The Wordpress workshop was) very informative and interesting. Alanna's an excellent teacher. Thanks!
Sandy L., Workshop Participant
Very good (Wordpress) workshop. Alanna really made the class interesting and presented in such a very understandable way. She also made it interactive so you could ask questions as she presented the materials.
John H., Workshop Participant
As always a thorough (Wordpress) presentation; Alanna is very knowledgable and very patient. I always feel that I can learn a lot from her.  A very enjoyable night for me.
Sandy J., Workshop Participant
You have a great eye for capturing not just the subject of the photo but visually framing the scene as well — without a doubt our house has never looked better than in your photos! Thanks Alanna!
Nathan S., Airbnb Host
Just wanted to thank you for the photo shoot. The photos are fantastic! Thank you again and good luck with your endeavors.
Daryl T., Airbnb Host
I had the pleasure of helping to make ‘Transending’, the Labor Legacy Monument located in Hart Plaza, a reality many years ago. For years, I have thought about hiring a professional to photograph the art to hang in my home. When I ran across Alanna’s work, it dawned on me that she would be perfect for the job. I commissioned her to visit ‘Transending’ and shoot the art from several different poses. She did a wonderful job and I was thrilled when I received the proofs. I could not be happier with her work or with the long-awaited artwork in my living room.
Lisa C., Client

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